Company Profile

Business Type: Corporation
Date of Incorporation: 1994
State of Incorporation: California
President: Martin Tejeda
CFO/Operations Manager: Miguel Ruiz

Work Types

Single Ply Roofing Architectural Metal Roofing
Built Up Roofing Tile Roofing
Modified Bitumen Roofing Shingle Roofing
Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Waterproofing

License Information

CA Number: 685834
Class: C-39 Commercial Roofing

Bank Reference

Name: Wells Fargo Banks
Contact: Roberta M. Page
Phone: 916-853-1896
Fax: 916-852-7628

Insurance Agency

Name: Warren G. Bender Co.
License Number: 0406967
Contact: Bob Babcock
Phone: 916-973-3747
Fax: 916-481-8625


Professional references provided upon request